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Once you've mastered those techniques, and are getting success and results (and ONLY then), you can move on to take a deeper look at attraction from both inner game (confidence) and practical external skills perspectives.To do this move on to read "Models: Attract women with honesty".It’s also an intensely personal journey where every man must find his own way.I was thinking recently why some men (I’ll call them Former Chumps) find the Player’s Journey to be a life-changing struggle of high drama and near collapse spread over four volumes of a Tolkien-esque memoir…. whereas other men (I’ll call them Trainee Chads) would summarise their journey as “learned a few openers, put myself out there, and got laid plenty. Naturally the f Chumps tend to write detailed blogposts, build and memorise systems that are “a bit like looking at a Gothic cathedral or reading Ulysses: you are incredibly grateful that someone has put in the work and created the artifact before you, but it’s hard to fathom precisely how they went about doing it.”* In contrast the t Chad is often ridiculing the f Chump – “it’s just talking to girls.As the author promises, you can learn to be utterly irresistible both quickly and effectively.

Start with "Make Women Want You" which gives you some hands on practical techniques to attract women.

Three days into our street Somewhere on the internet, a t Chad laughed derisively.

And yet many men say the same thing – setting out on the Player’s Journey is harder than anything they’ve done before, just as it was for me despite me having already earned a tough professional finance qualification, competed in boxing and kickboxing matches, and completed the first three Souls games ** So why the divergence in opinion?

The best time to travel in Nepal is between October to December as the weather during this period is clear with no rain and clouds, mild temp with average temperature between (20-30) They provide you only some rough ideas and yes it is good to have good deal of information before you make your travel plan.

For example I did it in 7 days – one of the worst way of travelling Annapurna circuit.


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