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This group of donkeys, which includes adoption donkey, Ruby, live in the main barn and have a yard and paddock to roam freely in.Choose this webcam to see what they get up to in their barn.You can use this service through the website or through a third-party application.Web Cam finder is a third-party application that uses the services provided by webcams.travel and allows you to see webcams around the world (with a tabular or google map vision).So how does a hacker get a virus into your computer or device?

See what species have been observed this week in the Algonquin Park Birding Report.If you receive an email from a stranger, think before clicking on a link or an attachment.The risk of having your webcam hacked is also higher if you don't have up-to-date anti-virus software on your computer and other software is not kept up-to-date.Slade House Farm is the only farm open to the general public.It is home to about 500 of our donkeys who live in small groups.Ever wondered why birds are common in some winters and seem absent in other years? Learn more from former Algonquin Park Naturalist Ron Pittaway in the current Winter Finch Forecast.


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