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“We love playing board games – that’s just sexy when you’re trying not to be sexy.” But even if all else fails for Kimmy K and her NFL star a second time around, at least the business-savvy starlet isn’t relying on her man to bring home the bread.“I just launched my first fragrance, my sisters and I are designing a line for Bebe, we’re writing a book, we have a candle line, there is so much I want to do,” Kardashian added.Now, their relationship is in the news again because Kim has just confessed that she knew they were doomed on their honeymoon.But the rest of us were wondering: girl, how did it take It’s easy to scoff at the Kim-Kris situation and feel confident that it could never happen to you.When Kim Kardashian married Kris Humphries after six months of dating and a 90-day engagement, people judged her pretty hard.Kim and Kris were clearly rushing into things, not to mention the fact that they didn’t seem to have anything in common or enjoy each other’s company.Brody Jenner may have been too busy to attend his step-sister's wedding last month, but he cleared the decks to attend her ex-boyfriend's nuptials.Reggie Bush tied the knot in grand style -- though still short of Versailles -- at the Grand Del Mar in San Diego ...

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The reality star and her New Orleans Saints running back boyfriend have ended their nearly three-year relationship, E! Though the reason for the couple's brief break up in July 2009 was due to their conflicting schedules, it appears Kardashian's notoriety and hectic agenda is reportedly to blame this time around."Her fame is just a little too much for him to handle," a source told Us However, a future reconciliation between the two isn't out of the question either.

They actually met a decade earlier and had quietly been "close friends" for "six or seven years," adding, "I don’t know why it took so long for us to get together."Well, one reason was because she was married during that time ... Anyhoo, now they're having a baby, as we suspect you may have heard.

So as Baby Kimye's big arrival approaches, we look back at how love bloomed for the self-proclaimed "Michael Jordan of music" and his one and only "Perfect Bitch."2004: Kardashian and West meet around the time her first marriage to Damon Thomas officially ends in divorce.

Kim Kardashian West was born on October 21, 1980, in Beverly Hills, California.

She was catapulted into fame when a scandalous video showcasing her sexual exploits with former boyfriend, rapper Ray J., was leaked online.


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