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Love songs and films make us believe Prince (or Princess) Charming is going to come along and “make everything perfect like it is in the movies,” she says., with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. This is not the real world,” says Goldberg, who adds she never had a real-life amorous encounter at a pottery wheel.

(“No, no, I don’t like throwing pots.”)For Goldberg, what’s romantic is “someone who can have a conversation with you, laugh with you, tell the truth.

Whoopi Goldberg worked as a phone sex operator in her early days. At the age of eighteen, she gave birth to a baby daughter, Alexandria Martin, on . It was date 1 September 1986 when she got married to her second husband David Claessen but soon ended the marital relationship with a divorce, after two years of their wedding.

She dated and had romantic affairs with several boyfriends including Frank Langella, Timothy Dalton and Ted Danson who are also actors by profession. She again married for third time with Lyle Trachtenberg on October 1, 1994 but divorced one year later.

"I'm not a good marrying person," Whoopi said with a laugh.

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She has been married three times, first time in 1973, she was married to Alvin Martin and then she got a divorced in 1979, she has one daughter from that husband.

She has the mouth watering total net worth of million dollars.

Her annual salary from the show The View is two million dollars.

“If someone completes you and they drop dead, do you become half a person?

You have to be a complete person when you start a relationship,” she says. People were trying to get their boyfriend or girlfriend to sit with them and make pottery, and it’s just like, come on!


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